Spotify’s New ‘Your Music History’ Feature

This post was originally published on Medium on August 2nd, 2017.

Spotify’s new ‘Your Music History’ invites every user to take an audio trip down memory lane. Browse effotlessly, resurfacing songs from last week or last summer.


Users are guided to explore days of the past, jumping years in seconds. From June 2016, to April 2017, and back to November 2016. While browsing between these various dates, the world turns, tying you physically to that moment. Roger Yan explains…

“No memory of mine is as memorable as backpacking Europe earlier this summer. Spotify’s music history allows me to relive these memories, such as walking through King’s Cross train station in London”.

Additionally, your music history can be searched by music such as “Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite” or “Blessings”, as well as locations such as “Work”, “Austin”, and “Jamaica”.

Check out the ‘Your Music History’ tab under ‘Your Library’ to begin exploring.

Thank you @ Roger Yan !

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